It’s easy to find a Home Stager in Toronto. We look at competition as a positive thing. Of course, it fuels the innovation and continues progress. That’s very good for the home owners. After all they are the ultimate beneficiaries. The service becomes more sophisticated and overall more professional. Here are some thoughts on how to choose a good Home Stager and create relationship that will help you provide the best service to you clients – sellers and buyers:

Avoid choosing Home Stager based on price only.

You get what you pay for. Home Staging is a reflection of your style, of your brand and when done correctly adds value to the house.

There are multiple criteria that consist of the price: value and number of the props used for the project (does you home stager have a fresh ideas with every project? Is she/he willing to invest in quality props for the sake of the project?), level of design (good design make you stand out, mediocre not so much), style (do you identify with her/his style?), Home Stagers experience that is gained with time, number of people involved (does you Home Stager have a team? Is she/he able to pull off a big house project? Does she/he have resources?)

home stager in Hamilton, ON

Don’t choose the cheapest, but most attractive offer

A house might sell quickly, but in case it doesn’t, how long can you keep the props for? Are there any extras included that make up the offer? Any partnerships with vendors through Home Stager that will help you achieve your goals?

home stager in Hamilton, ON

Choose a Stager that is enthusiastic about the project

and every part of the process – she/he will be more keen on making a project her most priority and will do everything it takes to make the project most beautiful

home stager in Hamilton, ON

Choose a Stager that is organized

Can she/he operate on the tight schedule? At the same time is she/he experienced enough to understand that giving herself/himself the comfort of time means better quality?

home stager in Hamilton, ON

Choose the one that is creative in every aspect of the job

Can she/he come up with the ideas, that streamline the process? Is she/he creative with the showcasing difficult spaces?

Choose a Stager that has a good agreement in place.

Yes, we know, it can be a pain. You know one thing or two about agreements after all. But the fact that the Stager has an agreement means she/he is serious and professional about the job and has better expectancy of quality process. All the terms are clear and you simply know what to expect.

Communication with Stager

Is she/he honest and straight forward? Honesty saves time.

Successful relationship with the stager will help to elevate your brand to the next level, bring new prospects and strengthen the customer relations you already have. And at the end you are the star that will shine on their Toronto sky if you choose the right one!

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All photos by Tom Vogel


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