Vacant is bad, but badly staged is even worst

Staging a house is like putting makeup for a girl. If you put too much or if its not matched to your skin tone, you start to look like a clown. Above all, it’s a psychological game and you want to elicit buyers’ positive emotions. Here’s how to style for sale, the right way.

In short, putting too much color, drama and decoration elements might actually create undesired emotions. Consequently, buyers might think you are trying to show off and pushing too hard for the cash.

natural living room

In particular, the authenticity of showcasing architectural details and features of the house are at stake. Most important connotations you want to smitten potential buyers with are: stability, family, memories and lifestyle that they will create in the house.

In addition, don’t focus only on dimensions, but a story of a house and neighborhood. Keep it tasteful, yet simple, because true elegance is understated. See some examples here.

simple bath

You’ll find more staging mistakes to avoid on this Redfin article I was delighted to contribute to. Let us know if you have any questions when you style your house for sale.

Photos by Tom Vogel, Vogel Creative

Ola Mochol

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