Home staging has been proven to be an effective part of your marketing strategy. There are short term benefits, but not everyone is aware of long term benefits. I thought I would provide some, so you can make an educated choice between staging and no staging.

Short term benefits of home staging:

  • Faster sale
  • Property value increase
  • Multiple offers
  • Wider publicity
  • More views online
  • More showings
  • More viewers on open house
  • Social media exposure
  • Visualization of house lifestyle
  • More time on things you should be focusing on, if you take a Stager
  • Convenience: less on your plate, if you delegate this job to others

Long term benefits:

  • Branding: all of the above short term home staging benefits but in an aspect of your personal brand, i.e. more views give you more brand awareness on the real estate market
  • Visual identity: if you are creating your brand, what are your images saying? What property portfolio would you like to have? Will it appeal to potential clients? How does the staging fit your brand image? Home Staging can help you translate your visual style into reality. It is also a great conversation starter.
  • Differentiation: standing out among fellow realtors. Staging is becoming a standard, but imagine what above average staging can do.
  • Referrals: a repute of the realtor that provides high quality of service and “one stop shop”, a resourceful and professional one
  • Better reviews from clients and retention of clients
  • Nurturing your clients – even if you don’t care about visuals so much, you are still perceived as a “people’s person” by providing best service or recommending great Home Stager
  • Less stress, if you have a Stager you trust and you’re confident about the results

A note on the side, short term benefits might depend on market situation and pricing, but long term home staging benefits are always applicable.

More on what to look for when choosing a Stager here.

Photo from staging for Muse Realty.

Ola Mochol

Femepreneur, Stager, Team Leader. Helps realtors and home owners transform empty listings into homes.


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