Home Staging agreement might still be uncommon in real estate business. This might sound a bit serious and maybe a bit scary. But times have changed and being a conscious business partner impacts your branding positively as well.

Why do you need a staging agreement and why is it so important?

Who should be included?

This might sound like another nuisance, but read on and give it a thought. It might help you choose the professional.

What it means:

  1. It proves that the Home Stager is professional. He/She wants to protect his/hers valuables, because it is not a part time job for that person. He/She is being serious about the business.
  2. It proves that the Home Stager is honest. People that don’t do it professionally would do it for cash and without an agreement. They don’t want to leave the trace of their activity.
  3. He/She most likely has enough stock and valuable stock. He/She has put loads of hours into setting up the business. Otherwise it wouldn’t be worth it.
  4. It proves that the Home Stager believes in fairness. He wants to be treated fairly and so he/she wants to treat you fairly.
  5. It proves that the Home Stager has experience. Otherwise there would be no agreement or one page of agreement. Usually the longer the agreement the more thorough the Stager is and the more experience he/she has.
  6. It proves that the Home Stager wants to be upfront about expectations so that both parties are in agreement before the service starts. He/She wants you to be satisfied.

Legitimacy & legal implications – when should I be concerned?

The professional agreement should be checked by a business lawyer by a Home Stager, to confirm accordance to the law in the province and to confirm that there’s nothing in the agreement that would put you, the service receiver, at any risk. The agreement is there to safeguard owner of home staging business – assets, service level and integrity –  against people that would have bad intentions. If you don’t have bad intentions you have nothing to be worried about.

Social fairness – be a conscious business partner

Who should be included: owner of the property staged, realtor and home stager. Each party should be aware of the conditions. It doesn’t matter who pays for it.

I strongly believe, each one of us – an Agent, Home Stager and the Seller –  is equal to each other on the marketplace. We should all treat each other with respect. If you want cheap furnishing for your listing, just to fill out the space, for cash and no agreement, you cannot possibly expect high quality of service and above average results. You would be much better off by going to furniture rental place. 

If I go to the hairdresser I respect her service, like not being late to the appointment, being clear what hair color or hair style I want, so my expectations are clear too.  

But what is the purpose of the agreement at all?

  1. Safeguarding Home Stager’s assets against bad intentions.
  2. Being honest and clear about the expectations of the service. 
  3. Communicate the boundaries of the service.

Even if certain terms seem obvious, it’s worth to be aware of all, as times have changed. 

You should feel much safer with the Home Stager that took time to make sure you are all on the same page. Read more on how to choose the right Stager.

I like it when realtors do take time and read through the agreement and make sure their clients are aware. My home staging agreement has been checked by a business lawyer. I send it electronically so all parties can sign it easily electronically too. 

Can I ask for a home staging agreement before choosing to go ahead with staging?

It’s good you want to check the legal aspects of your cooperation with the Stager upfront, unfortunately asking for any legal agreement before proceeding with the service is not viable. Legal agreements are part of Home Stager assets and giving them away is like giving away part of their company for free. There are copywrite laws in place just the same as with any part of their copy on marketing materials as well. If the terms are not ok, we simply walk away from the deal.

Above all this is a real estate business. There’s a lot of accountability for sometimes minion dollar deals. The stakes are high. This puts a lot of pressure and responsibility on everyone. Potential law suits are possible.

The contract is sent to all three parties at the same time so there’s an open communication. This is a legal agreement that requires all details like price to make it clear. It is not customizable – it takes time and wouldn’t be fair to other clients.

If you have high expectations for the service, you need to be prepared to honor high expectations of the Stager. Any if you go above and beyond, he/she will pour his/hers heart for you!

Cover photo by Tom Vogel from Vogel Creative

Ola Mochol

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