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We provide vacant and occupied home staging service in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario and surrounding area.

Our offer is this: time. Time is not money. It's something more. We save you that time and what it means also your money that you would loose by doing it yourself. Multiply your hourly rate by approximately 40 h that is spent on each project.

That doesn't even include the fixed costs that you have to incur while staging it yourself, like movers, props and extra help. Not mentioning the blood and sweat. It's labor intensive activity! Learn more about value of staging.


Every house has a story...the one from the past and the one from the future.

We tell those stories.


We are light, modern, organic & natural. No need for screaming colours. True elegance is understated. Interesting and inspiring taste. This is not a regular staging.

Additionally we provide DESIGN direction for each project, something others don't pay attention to, but what makes all the difference.

Every property gets a proper floor plan.


We own our furniture, so you don't pay any extra rental fees. Our inventory is carefully selected to fit your projects from the stores in Canada and Europe. Some of the pieces are custom, some are vintage. That creates a perfect mix, that looks natural and collected.

Photos are art directed to get you interior magazine look. That's an extra value of our staging for you.


We are YOUR team. We are professional, courteous, dedicated and enthusiastic about every project. You can count on us and we always have your back. You are the star here.

This is also reflected in our projects. We make interiors look lived-in, complete with real plants and flowers. It's not a showroom, it's someone's future home!

What’s in it for you – SCENA’s creative & unique process:

✔ design concept and professional layouts

✔ moving costs (staging and destaging)

✔ rental of furniture and props, including art. Depending on the project’s requirements the cost value of props can range from 4000 to 7000 CAD – staging with Scena is a fraction of this cost.

✔ fresh flowers and real plants before the photo-shoot 

✔ labor costs

✔ styling – not only furnishing the house, so it looks lived in

✔ our work is regularly recognized local real estate bloggers that highlight listings of realtors in the area – extra reach to your audience in case the listing get featured

Our commitment to the highest quality is real.

Additionally, there is only one time fee (no rental fee) and in case you need, you have 90 days to keep the props. Yes, you might not need it, but… life happens, and in case market gets softened, you’re guaranteed to keep the furniture for 3 months.

Destaging is done after firm sale. 50% deposit is required at the booking time and 50% is paid on the installation date. 

We own our props and furniture – you are not paying extra for rental fees.

It’s part of your marketing and refection of your style, yet visualization of house lifestyle for the buyers.

Without a doubt, biggest value of staging with us is the hands-off experience fit for your busy schedule, yet nurturing your clients.

Everyone shows reviews. Unlike others, we’ll go one step further. We’ll show you a review of a client of one of our clients (Jeannie Crawford) – happy seller we had a pleasure of working with:

Above all, it’s the convenience that translates to better clients’ appreciation and brand recognition. Retention of clients and better reviews on the very competitive realtor market.

We want to change the staging industry standards. We are enthusiastic about showing the property qualities as if telling a story.

"It doesn't look staged!"

Our promise

Elena Kavanagh, Century 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd. Brokerage

"The most incredible staging studio. Always deliver top results. You get what you pay for! Highly recommended."

Frequently Asked Questions


What is your pricing?


Every house is different and every one will require different set of props. A house on the higher end will need higher end props to compliment it's style. You want to present it to different demographics that have different lifestyle expectations. Same if the house requires only partial or soft staging - the price is lower as it doesn't need many furniture. We need to see the house first, assess our budget before we commit to any price. But we are sure we can figure out best possible solution that works for everybody. Call us or email and let's talk!


Do you own your inventory or rent?


We only work with our own inventory. We do not rent for the purposes of projects and we do not rent on behalf of clients.


Do you sell your inventory?


We don't sell on the regular basis, but we do have sale events when we want to rotate pieces. Sign up for the alert if you are interested in any of our pieces.


What's your current capacity?


Currently we can do 4-5 vacant houses at the same time. Therefore we can't always guarantee we will be available. It is extremely important you contact us as soon as possible if you are decided to stage.



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90 days agreement. In case you need it, but we'll make sure you don't.

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