One affordable thing to change in the house so it looks more than it’s worth

December 12, 2019

Realtors and sellers do not always pay attention to light fixtures when home staging. Ordinarily, it’s an overlooked and underestimated element that really makes a huge impact to the design, feel and ultimately real estate photos. However, it’s an easy fix and relatively inexpensive upgrade, wherefore can positively impact your house’s sale price.

There are so many good options right now and you don’t have to particularly break the bank to get the modernized look. And don’t worry if you have a character house from 1800’s. You can mix traditional with modern and you’ll still be able to achieve the pulled together result.

Splurges and some affordable options

Namely, Ikea seems to be a sensible solution if you have no time and budget to invest, but looking at inspiration can lead the way to choosing right. Another option is Etsy. We suggest filtering by style – minimalist, industrial, midcentury and art deco. (links below)

  • suspension light
  • modern light sconce
  • IKEA Pendant lamp
  • marble wall sconce
  • Ceiling light art deco
  • Ikea paper lamp shade
  • pink pendant lamp
  • ikea pedant lamp
  • modern pedant lamp
  • Ikea NYMÅNE Wall lamp
  • paper pendants ‘Voiles’

1.Lee Broom Orion Tube Suspension Light 2. Jos Devriendt lamp 3. HÖLJES Pendant lamp 4. L’aviva Terra Onyx Sconce 5. Michael Anastasiades for Flos via here 6. Ikea Pendant lamp shade SJUTTIOFEM 7. Suspension Flowerpot Rose by Verner Panton – And Tradition 8. NYMÅNE Pendant lamp 9.  Jason Miller’s Endless lamp 10. NYMÅNE Wall up/downlight 11. Voiles by Celine Wright

In addition, stores also worth checking include: EQ3, CB2, Home Depot, Lowes and Rona

Difference it makes in the space

Above all, it all depends on the context. The tropical vibe ceiling fan light will look so much different in Victorian house then in a modern new build. To give you an idea I picked some examples of change the light fixtures make.

contemporary kitchen, light fixtures for home staging
Why it works: Mandy Moore’s kitchen features simple pendant lamps with gold accents that reflect the wood elements in the space
Source: Sarah Sherman Samuel Instagram account
modern living room, light fixtures for home staging
Why it works: Louise Poulsen iconic model PH5 works well with 70’s inspired furniture
Source: French by Design blog
Scandinavian living room, light fixtures for home staging
Why it works: The simplicity of the space calls for natural materials and Ikea paper lamp shade fits great here
Source: Bon Interior Instagram account, Photo by Maria Sahlander
office with PH5 lamp, light fixtures for home staging
Why it works: Iconic lamp PH5 reflects monochromatic scheme of the room
Photo by Jacob Termansen. source: Pintrest
Scandinavian staged room
Why it works: gold and simple lamp works well with this neutral & mustard bachelor apartment
Source: Fantastic Frank
Scandinavian apartment, light fixtures for home staging
Why it works: this space is simple and otherwise boring – &Tradition pink pendant lamp brings an unexpected pop of colour
Source: Stadshem, Photo: Jonas Berg
Japanese table styling
Why it works: Japanese styling and simplicity of the space wouldn’t handle anything too complicated
Source: Fantastic Frank
light Scandi bedroom
Why it works: Discrete sconces work great in this light Scandi bedroom
Source: Stadshem, Photo: Jonas Berg
art deco inspired ceiling lamp
Why it works: Minimal space calls for minimal shape
iconic pedant lamp, light fixture for home staging
Why it works: Warm tone of wood work well with gold
Source: Fredrik Karlsson Interiors Instagram account
paper lamp shade in the living room, light fixtures for home staging
Why it works: This space is contemporary, but warm thanks to the natural materials used
Source: kronfoto Instagram, Photo: Adam Helbaoui
pedant lamps in Hamilton coffee shop Synonym
Why it works: Hamilton’s prettiest coffee shop Synonym features trendy pedant lamps
Source: synonymshop Instagram
Ikea paper lamp shade, great light fixture for home staging
Why it works: Popular Ikea’s simple paper lamp shade is often used in Scandi’s interiors
Source: styledbyemmahos Instagram, Photo: Alen Cordic

Lighting iconic designs and replicas

One way to save on light fixtures for staging is to buy second hand. Replicas are also the less expensive versions inspired by some classic designs and to give you some tips on what to browse for, here are some key design models. If you google by name you might score some pretty good deals.

Our thrifting tip: If you’re stuck on particular model, check daily on popular listing boards or in actual thrift stores. You might just get lucky, there’s no science behind it. Being a member of Facebook groups helps too (google actually “Marketplace” group and “Mid century marketplace” group. )

Another tip: people get rid of vintage items at the closest locations, hence check thrift stores in areas close to MCM houses . In Hamilton area: central Hamilton and Aldershot.

Louise Poulsen Model PH5
Louise Poulsen lamp


Guzzini lamp

Georg Nelson

George Nelsons Bubble Lamps

Agne Jakobsson

Hans Agne Jacobsen Chandelier Pendant Light


Noguchi lamp sculptures
Noguchi light sculptures

Light fixture interior design rules

Proper size: add the length and width of your room to get the lamp shade diameter

Proper height: As a rule, hang the lamp 66 inches counting from the floor.

Light Fixtures Issues

I can’t install any light/I don’t have an outlet for the light in the ceiling

Our solution: Overhanging floor lamp as an example below, creates similar equally dispersed light as the ceiling lamp.

overhanging floor lamp, light fixture for home staging
Source: Elle Sweden, Photo: Jonas Gustavsson

Light Fixture Trends

In brief, a big trend I’m observing for some time now is art deco. Same with furniture. But light fixtures are instantly bringing that Paris apartment look. Art deco means geometrical bulky shapes. Gold, globes and black lines.

pedant lamp in the hall, light fixtures for home staging
Photo: Studio Oink Source: Remodelista

Above all, nature is close to my heart. I love raw wood elements and paper as a material. Timeless and understated.

H&M Home collection, great choice for light fixtures for home staging
Source: H&M Home

How to prep your light fixtures for staging?

What light bulb is best for home staging to use?

For the most part, I don’t recommend warm hues for ceiling lamp. They look nice on table lamps, but don’t come up right on photos. Cool might be too cool and look fake, so choose around 3000 Kelvin in light temperature.

nelson lamp in the living in Hamilton Ontario
Nelson lamp shade in one of our installations – owner had a very good taste. Photo by Tom Vogel

Incidentally, Tom Vogel, accomplished real estate Photographer advises something even more simple:

“The first thing owners need to do before a photographer takes a shot … turn off all the lights. That may sound surprising. The reason is simple, however. Light fixtures (no matter how beautiful) will cast an artificial light that contaminates the entire room with incorrect colour. Natural daylight through windows – along with a skillfully managed flash will reveal the room in its truest colours. The human eye can tell the difference … and a room shot in its best light and with accurate colour will always please the viewer. “

To summarize, whichever lamp you choose, remember: minimalism is still strong. Therefore keep it simple and you’ll avoid eye sores during an open house and showings. You’ll be positively surprised how much difference the right lamp makes in your staging and for your rate of return. Subsequently it will make you shine on!

Image sources: Click on the images

Featured image by Tom Vogel

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